Poble Rural Puig Arnau-Pubilló

Sant Llorenç de Morunys

Small municipality in which the beauty of the landscape and the historical and artistic monuments stand out. It is located in the mountain range of Port del Comte, surrounded by the municipalities of Guixers and La Coma and La Pedra. It is also surrounded by the beautiful Lord Valley. It is a perfect municipality to visit at any time of the year; autumn for mushroom picking, winter for skiing and summer and spring to enjoy the tranquility and beautiful scenery. Sant Llorenç de Morunys preserves the medieval structure with its Romanesque church, the cloister and many works of art of high value.

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Lords sanctuary

Located at the top of the amazing Mola de Lord, there is a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Lord, where a whole history is hidden. Its origin is documented since the tenth century and it was not until the fifteenth century when the church was built. A century later the friars settled there until the arrival of the Carlist wars, which destroyed part of the complex. Later, a new church was built in 1867. This building stands out for its internal and external simplicity and its unique views of the Solsonès landscape.

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Solsona, capital of Solsonès, is a perfect place to disconnect from the city. The town center has many historic buildings, such as the Gothic cathedral. In addition, Solsona has spectacular landscapes that allow you to perform many activities around: skiing, hiking, mountain biking, hot air ballooning and even water activities.

Throughout the year you can also enjoy a very attractive calendar of festivals and traditions, highlighting two events in particular, the Fiesta Mayor and Carnival. We also want to highlight different spaces that are a must visit: the Pozo de Hielo, the Quarto de los gigantes and the Cathedral.


Olius is a municipality of Solsonès located in the upper basin of the Cardener, a river of great importance in the area. If you go to the municipality of Olius, you must visit the monumental complex. This has a Romanesque church of Lombard style, a Romanesque crypt dedicated to the Holy Sepulchre and gave fame to the same municipality and its modernist cemetery with a unique style. Another place worth visiting is the “Castellvell”, a fortification located on a peak of 826 meters high and which was already occupied in the time of the Iberians.

Solsonès Baroque

Solsona has a wide variety of beautiful baroque works of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Discover the best works of art on a route around Solsona. From the Baroque Space, through the Miracle Sanctuary, the church of Sant Jaume de Riner and Sant Pere de Matamargó. Other landmarks are the church of Sant Pere de Madrona and Sant Llorenç de Morunys. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful altarpieces and churches of the baroque route.

Romanesque chapels

If you like Romanesque art there are two routes that pass through several hermitages: Route of the hermitages A, Route of the hermitages B. Some of the hermitages that you can see in these two routes are the Hermitage of San Serni de la Pedra, the Hermitage of Sant Lleïr de Casabella, the Hermitage of Santa Magdalena de les Tragines or the Hermitage of San Cristóbal de Pascuets, among others. Let us not forget the Hermitage of San Juan, located in the same Rural Village Puig-Arnau Pubilló.