Poble Rural Puig Arnau-Pubilló

Pyrenean Zoo

The Pyrenean Zoo is a rescue and recovery center for wild animals. It is a refuge for those who cannot return to the wild. Its task also consists of breeding and reintroduction of animals into the wild and animal education and awareness through different activities. However, their priority is to ensure the animals’ peace of mind. More information.

Cambrils Salt Mine

Cambrils is home to the only mountain salt mines in Catalonia. Surrounded by an impressive historical and natural heritage, this space is truly unique and highlights a product that has been key to the economic development of the area, salt. It is a cultural window into the past that can be visited individually or in groups and either free or through a guided tour. On the other hand, therapeutic baths and salt water are also available. More information.

Guided Tours

There is no better way to learn about the history and secrets of the sites that told by a guide. With Solsona Experience you can get to know the region and its secrets through different guided tours such as Solsona Monumental, Olius Monumental, the Giants of Solsona or the Miracle Sanctuary. And, on the other hand, you can also live different experiences with the dramatized visit to the Necropolis of Llor, Olius, Castellvell or Busa.

Aventura Acrobatic Park (Port del Comte)

Young and old will enjoy the different circuits proposed by the Adventure Acrobatic Park of Port del Comte. Zip lines, tubbies, climbing walls, trampolines and much more. At your disposal different circuits of varying difficulties so you can choose the one you like the most. For further information, please contact us.